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Dancin' On Air w/ host Bill O'Brien - 1984 episode with DeBarge - DVD

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1984 episode with DeBarge:

00:00:20 Host Bill O'Brien with girls wearing Frankie Goes To Hollywood type t-shirts with bold words.
00:00:23 Teens dance to "I Feel For You" by Chaka Khan
00:03:04 Guy wearing classic Michael Jackson-esque outfit.
00:03:45 Teens dancing to "Don't Stop" by Jeffrey Osborne
00:06:31 Host Bill O'Brien with Kelly student from Gordon Phillips Beauty School who is going to do 1980s make-over on girl
00:08:41 Host Bill O'Brien with cheerleading standings
00:09:14 Teens dance to "Contagious"
00:11:56 Teens dance to "Teacher, Teacher" by .38 Special
00:15:02 School Spirit Competition: Academy Park High School Cheerleaders
00:17:37 Host Bill O'Brien with Roll Call of regular couples
00:18:51 Teens dance to "Cool It Now" by New Edition
00:21:48 Debarge - I Like It
(same as O2-20)
00:27:41 Spotlight dance: New Regulars dance to "Operator"
00:29:52 Teens dance to "Strut" by Sheena Easton
00:32:31 School Spirit Competition: Lake Forest High School Cheerleaders
00:35:08 Teen Talk with Host Bill O'Brien: reads letters from viewers & talks with regulars
00:38:37 Teens dance to "The War Song" by Culture Club
00:40:50 Host talks with girls wearing Culture Club t-shirts after going to concert the night before.
00:41:17 Teens dance to "Lovergirl" by Teena Marie
00:45:35 School Spirit Competition: Harry S. Truman High School Cheerleaders with pom-poms
00:48:22 Host with little girl and baby promoting Christmas Children's Show
00:48:45 Teens dance to "The Men All Pause" by Klymaxx
00:52:00 Teens dance to "Better Be Good To Me" by Tina Turner
00:54:05 Gordon Phillips Beauty School make-over: before and after pictures of 1980s teen girl
00:57:13 Teens dance to "I Need You Tonight" by Peter Wolf